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Stalwart Veterans Initiative

“Strength & Vigor”


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Safe & Sound currently provides one of the most comprehensive intensive outpatient (IOP) programs for active duty service members, veterans, and their families in Southern California. We’re experienced in working with veterans and service members, and many of us have served as well. Our program, which is part of the Warrior Care Network® and the VA’s network of approved community care providers, recognizes the stress of military service and the challenges of returning to civilian life.

After recognizing that there was a more specialized need to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), military sexual trauma (MST), anxiety, and depression related to military service, Safe & Sound developed and implemented its, Stalwart Veterans Initiative (SVI). In response, SVI seeks to provide service members, veterans, and their families with the “Strength and Vigor” that they demonstrated in service, to improve their lives post-military service, and prior to (if possible), by providing a diverse and varied array of services, resources and support modalities.

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A Proven Holistic Intrapersonal Wellness Psychotherapy Model

In response to the treatment needs themselves, “Veterans Six” – an evidence-based treatment program model, proven to heal invisible wounds, was born. Today, Safe & Sound’s “Veterans Six” IOP program is part of the Stalwart Veterans Initiative and is delivered at our associated Mending Minds Behavioral Health Treatment facility.

Veterans Six” offers an individualized, science- and evidence-based treatment program to active military, veterans, dependents, and their families, whose lives have changed and become unmanageable due to substance use and mental health challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.  

Safe and Sound is part of the VA’s network of approved community care providers. If you cannot receive treatment with the VA and are eligible for community care, you may be able to come to us for your care. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about your available treatment options.

10 Years of Evidence-Backed Research & Data

Program Developed & Led by Combat Veterans

Five Key
Focus Areas

Five Program

IOP in 30/60/90 Day
Program Options

Areas of Focus

"Veterans Six" (5-Phased Program)

This phase consists of five (5) treatment days. During this phase, we establish your care needs, conduct initial assessments, discuss your treatment program and ensure you settle into your new environment with ease, comfort and security.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are early life experiences of abuse and neglect, and observed violence, among others. For military veterans, both ACEs and combat exposure are associated with mental health problems. Fifty-nine percent of female and 39% of male veterans reported exposure to 1 ACE, whereas 44% of female and 25% of male veterans were exposed to multiple ACEs (NIH Psychol Trauma, 2020). This phase examines the relationship between ACEs and combat exposure, and its impact on current mental health.

You’ll be introduced to our one-of-a-kind, evidence-based 10-Step program that is uniquely targeted to our military community. This material is both developed by and intended distinctly for our military and veteran communities. While this course is spiritually-based, it is not about God, or making you believe in God – or even Christianity. It is about how you can move forward in life after traumatic experiences and become equipped to deal with your life in a positive and empowered way, and most importantly, begin to heal and live a fuller, happier, more optimal life, free of the past and excited about the future.

Safe & Sound believes that family members should be embedded in the therapy process because PTSD has a profound impact on the family. Social support created by family encouragement is important for posttraumatic stress GROWTH as it cultivates positive subjective norms for therapy and helps to influence veteran perceptions about the value of treatment. Therefore, we engage family members at this phase of treatment, and to the extent desired by the patient and family member.

As your near program graduation, your SVI Care Team will begin to prepare you for the next steps in your recovery path. We know the first few months of postcare transition is critical for servicemembers and veterans. Upon graduation from the “Veterans Six” program, you’ll officially earn the title, “Stalwart Veteran” and be enrolled in our SVI Care Team. SVI provides seamless mental health resources to all eligible “Stalwart Veterans” prior to, and for at least six (6) months after their discharge from “Veterans Six.” We are partnered with the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Service Organizations, state agencies, and community organizations to make sure you have the right resources and the support you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Depending on each client’s customized treatment program, the following services may be provided:

Typical Treatment Week

Monday – Wednesday





*Weekly Individual Sessions (1-Hr Min.)

Tricare Insurance Accepted

Safe and Sound Treatment is proud to provide service to the men and women who have served our country. We thank you, and appreciate the opportunity to provide high-quality addiction and mental health treatment to active-duty and veteran service members.

Our rehab center in Costa Mesa, CA, is where we provide substance use disorder and mental health treatment for these service members and their families.   

Veteran Treatment With Safe and Sound

We offer the following programs:

Therapy During Treatment

A licensed psychiatrist or therapist carries out psychotherapy. Working with their patient, they apply evidence-based procedures to help people develop better habits to improve their lives.

These procedures might include cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, or other kinds of talk therapy to work through problems. This is done in collaboration with the patient, so the patient needs to be open and committed. It is also crucial that the treating clinical team is supportive, understanding, neutral, objective, and non-judgmental.

We offer the following treatment modalities:

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please reach out today. The highly trained admissions staff at Safe and Sound Treatment are standing by to answer all your questions and provide the most professional care to get you the help you need.