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Your recovery starts here. Get a fresh start and find a life worth living without drugs and alcohol.

Your recovery starts here. Get a fresh start and find a life worth living without drugs and alcohol.

The Path You Choose
Is up to You.

Recovery is hard. But your life is worth it.

Let us guide you to a path that is more rewarding and satisfying than drugs or alcohol itself.

All you need to do is reach out for help.


The Help You Need

Recovery Programs

Find a drug and alcohol rehab program in Orange County that works for you. Our offerings include three different levels of care and include a medically assisted detox program designed to help you taper away from drug dependency.

Doctor Supervised & Medically Assisted Drug Detoxification

24/7 support at a beautiful residential-inpatient rehab center

Six hours a day, five days a week of addiction treatment

Three hours a day, five days a week of addiction treatment

Trusted and Accredited

California Department of Health Care Services Accredited
California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals Accredited

Find Enjoyment Through the Recovery Process

At Safe & Sound Treatment, we try to show our clients that living life clean and sober can be fun!

Both mental and physical exercise can improve the well-being of a person in recovery. Change isn’t just about simply stopping a bad drug or alcohol habit; it’s about adopting a healthier, happier lifestyle altogether.

Activities at Safe & Sound Treatment include, but aren’t limited to:

K1 Racing

Sky Diving

Art Therapy

Yoga & Meditation


Cardio (Running, Biking, etc.)

Music Therapy




Weightlifting & Crosstraining

Massage Therapy

Taking Steps Towards Wellness

Customizing a Treatment Plan that Works for You

Step 1: Health Care Evaluation

Customized addiction treatment programs at rehabs improve outcomes and help people stay engaged in their recovery.

During the initial assessment, health history information is gathered to give the client’s program guidance.

This information includes:

Step 2: Nutrition Planning

With the assessment information, our addiction specialists and nutritionists cater to our client’s nutritional needs.

Step 3: Exercise Programming

Exercise can help a person both manage their withdrawal symptoms and improve their general health and wellness.

Physical exercise can positively improve one’s…

Step 4: Holistic Healing

In addition to traditional drug and alcohol treatment methods, we incorporate holistic practices to help improve the patient’s mental and physical well-being.

Some of these methods include:

Step 5: Counseling & Therapy

The foundation of any successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation program implements clinical therapy. 

These practices can increase confidence and self-control, helping our clients stay clean long after their treatment program is over:

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