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Alcoholism is the most common addiction in America, and it is also the most treated. Overcoming alcohol addiction and finding a new and fulfilling life can be overwhelming. Because of America’s social drinking culture, recovering alcoholics are constantly surrounded by triggers.

However, there is hope. With a better understanding of alcohol abuse disorder (AUD) and the different treatment options available, you will be able to find a rehabilitation program best suited to you or your loved one.

If you are in the Orange County area and looking for an Alcohol Rehab, our treatment centers in Costa Mesa and Sober Living facilities in Huntington Beach may be the perfect place for you to get sober.

Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease that affects both the mind and body.

It is often a slow burn that starts with casual drinking that leads to binge drinking. Eventually, alcoholism can make its way into every aspect of an individual’s life.

Someone who is unable to control their drinking habits can be diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Treating AUD is can be a long process, though it is an investment in your future.

Going through alcohol rehabilitation and joining a support group can greatly help achieve sobriety. From detox to rehab, treatment centers staffed with professionals can guide you through this difficult process.

Signs of Alcoholism

When left unaddressed, alcoholism can be deadly. While many signs of AUD are easy to detect, while others might be more difficult to identify.

There is no exact formula to determine if you or a loved one is an alcoholic. However, these common co-occurring symptoms can signify if someone’s drinking is taking over their life.

Common co-occurring symptoms of alcoholism include:

Treatment for Alcoholism

If you struggle with AUD, you’re not alone. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 17 million American individuals (7.2% of the adult population) could be diagnosed with an alcohol abuse issue.

Estimates also cite 88,000 individuals with drinking problems die annually from alcohol-related causes, making it the third leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.

Since alcoholism is so common, proven treatment methods are readily available. When you call our Costa Mesa Detox & Rehab center, we tailor a treatment program to fit your unique needs.

This program can include:

Treatment programs for alcoholism include detoxification, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment options.

Residential Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is the first step toward sobriety.

In our alcohol detox facility, you will have access to on-site medical and nursing staff 24/7 to ensure you are safe, comfortable, and observed at all times. Clients undergoing detox will get most treatment at our Costa Mesa Facility, then reside at one of our Huntington Beach sober living homes.

Because of the withdrawal symptoms that can accompany an alcohol detox, it is crucial that you have your medical needs met. Our trained and experienced staff can provide the proper medicine needed to help you through the detox process safely.

Inpatient Rehab

Many detox programs are built into a larger treatment model. For anyone who wants to devote themselves to sobriety fully, inpatient rehabs are an excellent choice. Without the distractions of work, school, or social obligations, you can focus solely on recovery.

Clients in inpatient rehab will get primary treatment at our Costa Mesa Facility, then reside at one of our Huntington Beach sober living homes.

Inpatient treatment may last anywhere from 30 days to six months or even longer. Recovery times and success rates depend on the needs and circumstances of the individual.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehabs allow the patient to pursue recovery without sacrificing their daily life. Our outpatient rehab facility offers an optimum level of flexibility along with a high standard of care. Too often, those who need help shy away from it for fear of having to sacrifice their job and other obligations.

At our Costa Mesa outpatient alcohol and detox center, recovering adults and adolescents can work through their addiction without putting life on hold. And treatment includes much of the same therapeutic modalities like psychotherapy, peer discussions, counseling services, peer group support, vocational therapy, marital therapy, and cognitive therapy.

Outpatient treatment programs are best for people who already have at least 30 days of sobriety under their belt.

Different forms of outpatient treatment offered at Safe & Sound Include:


Early intervention of alcoholism is most effective. Trying to break a lifelong addiction is difficult, but it is not impossible. At Safe & Sound Treatment, we have had success treating both younger and older alcoholics.

Our dedication to holistic care and addressing the root cause of addiction allow us to treat more than just symptoms. Unfortunately, for many, the struggle to manage alcoholism remains after rehab. Because of this, we recommend seeking continuing support. We can help you by recommending support groups or one-on-one therapy.

When it comes to recovering from alcohol use disorder, people are your greatest resource.

Get Alcohol Rehab in Costa Mesa

If you’re looking for a treatment program that incorporates both standard medical practices and holistic healthcare, call Safe & Sound Treatment.

Our Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA offers comprehensive care that treats you as a whole person. Being able to address drinking is one thing, but addressing the underlying causes of addiction is where people truly find recovery.

If you or your loved one need a safe space to beat alcoholism, contact us today for a caring and confidential evaluation.


Alcohol rehab involves a comprehensive treatment program that includes detoxification, individual and group therapy, educational sessions about addiction, and support for relapse prevention. The goal is to help individuals understand their addiction, develop coping strategies, and build a foundation for long-term recovery.

The length of alcohol rehab can vary depending on individual needs, but programs typically range from 30 days to 90 days. Some individuals may benefit from longer stays for sustained recovery.

The choice between inpatient and outpatient rehab depends on the severity of the addiction, the individual’s personal circumstances, and their support system. Inpatient rehab provides a structured environment and is often recommended for severe addictions, while outpatient rehab may suit those with mild addiction and strong support networks.

Outpatient rehab programs can often be scheduled around work commitments, allowing individuals to maintain their employment while receiving treatment. Inpatient programs, however, require a full-time commitment.

After completing rehab, ongoing support is crucial for maintaining sobriety. This can include outpatient therapy, support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, and possibly continued medication management. Many rehab centers also offer aftercare programs to help with the transition.

Yes, panic attacks are common after stopping alcohol consumption.