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About Safe & Sound Treatment

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in Costa Mesa

Addiction is a disease, it is not a moral failing. Behaviors and other health conditions that coincide with a substance use disorder are induced by the nature of disease.

Here at Safe & Sound Treatment in Costa Mesa of Orange County, we believe that sobriety is only just a part of the healing process. Our philosophy and aim is to treat the person as a whole — identifying and addressing co-occuring conditions and underlying causes of addiction.

Our Help Center

We understand that no individual can change their DNA, but with a little help and a lot of love, you can change your life!

We believe that it’s vital to assist our clients in their growth outside of our safe and caring treatment-centric environment. It helps them focus on finding purpose and meaning in their lives by creating and achieving short and long-term goals. Helping addicted individuals, who have truly hit rock bottom in the world of drug and alcohol abuse, is our primary purpose and reason to exist.

Our Main Objective

We are committed to delivering an individual level of care which exceeds all client expectations.

Our primary goal is to work closely with alcoholic and or drug-addicted individuals, help them first get clean and sober, and help them achieve long-term sobriety, with real-world solutions and practical life skills taught in a reasonable period.

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