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Twilight Recovery

Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Nighttime Outpatient Program for Addiction Treatment

Embrace Recovery Without Pausing Your Life

At Twilight Recovery, you can start or continue your journey towards sobriety without putting your life on hold. Our Nighttime Outpatient Program (OP), designed for working professionals and those with daytime commitments, offers a compassionate and structured path to recovery from addiction without the need to step away from your daily responsibilities.

Nighttime Outpatient Program Structure

Our Nighttime OP, or “Twilight Recovery,” meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, offering a supportive environment for recovery outside regular working hours. This schedule allows participants to maintain their daytime activities while engaging in meaningful treatment. Additionally, the program includes:

  • Weekly Individual Therapy: Personalized one-hour sessions with your primary therapist, scheduled on Monday (between 9am and 3:00 pm) or Friday (between 9am and 12:30), to deepen your recovery journey.
  • Comprehensive Care: A blend of evidence-based treatments, including psychoeducational groups, skills training, and relapse prevention strategies tailored to each participant’s unique needs.

Benefits of Twilight Recovery

Choosing Twilight Recovery’s Nighttime OP for your journey toward sobriety offers numerous advantages, emphasizing not only the flexibility of treatment schedules but also the comprehensive support and individualized care essential for effective recovery. Here are key benefits that participants can expect:


  • Flexibility and Convenience: Our evening sessions are specifically scheduled to not interfere with standard work hours, making it easier for individuals to maintain their professional and personal commitments without compromise. This flexibility ensures that your path to recovery aligns with your lifestyle, providing a practical solution for those who cannot take time off during the day.
  • Comprehensive Care in a Supportive Environment: Twilight Recovery provides a wide array of therapeutic interventions, including individual therapy, group sessions, and skills development workshops. These are designed to address the complexities of addiction, focusing on relapse prevention, emotional regulation, and coping strategies. Our supportive environment fosters a sense of community, allowing participants to share experiences and support one another through their recovery journey.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We understand that addiction affects everyone differently. That’s why each participant receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs, challenges, and goals. This individualized approach ensures that you receive the most effective treatments and strategies to support your recovery.
  • Continuity of Care: For those transitioning from an inpatient or day program, Twilight Recovery offers a seamless continuation of treatment, aiding in the reintegration into everyday life. This continuity is crucial for sustaining the gains made in more intensive treatment settings and for building resilience against relapse.
  • Professional and Legal Accountability: Our program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals and those requiring documentation for legal purposes, such as court-mandated treatment compliance. We provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate active participation and progress in a structured recovery program.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Discretion: Evening programs often attract individuals who value privacy and discretion in their treatment. Twilight Recovery respects this need by offering a confidential setting where participants can focus on their recovery without public attention.
  • Access to Expert Care: Participants in Twilight Recovery have access to a team of addiction specialists, including therapists, counselors, and medical professionals, all experienced in delivering high-quality care in addiction treatment. This access ensures that you receive expert guidance and support throughout your recovery journey.
  • Long-term Recovery Focus: Our program doesn’t just address immediate recovery goals; it also lays the foundation for long-term sobriety. Through ongoing support, alumni programs, and community resources, we help participants build a sustainable recovery lifestyle beyond the program’s conclusion.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to inpatient treatment options, our Nighttime OP provides a more affordable alternative while still offering comprehensive care. This makes recovery more accessible to those who may be deterred by the high costs of residential treatment.


By participating in Twilight Recovery, you’re not just enrolling in a program; you’re investing in a future where your recovery is prioritized alongside your daily life. Our commitment is to provide a pathway to sobriety that respects your individual needs, schedule, and circumstances, ensuring that your journey toward recovery is both achievable and sustainable.

Why Choose Our Twilight Recovery Program?

In the landscape of addiction recovery options, Twilight Recovery distinguishes itself by offering a tailored, flexible approach that integrates seamlessly into the lives of those it serves. Here are compelling reasons to choose our program for your recovery journey:

Tailored for Busy Lives

Recognizing the challenges of balancing recovery with work, family, and personal responsibilities, Twilight Recovery is specifically designed for individuals who cannot afford to step away from their daily commitments. Our program offers a practical solution, ensuring that recovery efforts enhance, rather than disrupt, your life.

Expertise and Excellence in Care

Our program is grounded in the latest evidence-based practices in addiction medicine and psychotherapy, delivered by a team of dedicated professionals. This team includes licensed therapists, addiction specialists, and medical staff, all committed to providing the highest standard of care. Our expertise ensures that participants receive not only the most effective treatments but also compassionate support tailored to their individual recovery needs.

Innovative Treatment Modalities

Twilight Recovery incorporates a range of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, and mindfulness practices. This comprehensive approach addresses not just the symptoms of addiction but its underlying causes, facilitating deeper healing and lasting change.

Supportive Community Atmosphere

Recovery thrives in a community setting. Our program fosters a supportive, non-judgmental environment where participants can share their experiences and challenges. This sense of community is vital for encouragement, understanding, and mutual support, which are essential components of the recovery process.

Convenient and Accessible

By operating during evening hours, Twilight Recovery removes barriers to access, making it easier for individuals to seek and receive help. This accessibility ensures that more people can benefit from our services, regardless of their daytime obligations.

A Bridge to Normalcy

For those transitioning from more intensive treatment settings, our program serves as a crucial bridge back to everyday life, offering structured support as participants navigate their return to work, family life, and social activities. This transitional care is crucial for preventing relapse and building a resilient foundation for sobriety.

Legal and Professional Accountability

We provide the necessary documentation for individuals who need to verify their participation in a recovery program for legal or professional reasons. This aspect of our program is especially beneficial for those navigating court mandates or workplace requirements related to their recovery.

Emphasis on Long-Term Wellness

Beyond addressing immediate addiction challenges, Twilight Recovery is dedicated to promoting long-term wellness. Our approach includes education on healthy lifestyle choices, stress management techniques, and strategies for maintaining balance and well-being in all areas of life.

Customized Recovery Pathways

Understanding that recovery is a personal journey, we offer customized pathways that cater to the unique needs, goals, and circumstances of each participant. This personalized approach ensures that everyone in our care receives the specific support and resources they need to succeed.

Choosing Twilight Recovery means opting for a program that respects your individuality, accommodates your lifestyle, and is committed to your long-term success in recovery. Our program is not just about overcoming addiction; it’s about empowering you to rebuild your life on your terms, with support, dignity, and hope.

Joining Twilight Recovery

Becoming a part of Twilight Recovery starts with a simple step: reaching out to us. Whether you’re transitioning from an inpatient program, seeking to start your recovery journey without taking time off work, or need to fulfill court-mandated treatment requirements, our Nighttime OP is designed to support your needs.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to learn more about how Twilight Recovery can fit into your life. Our team is here to guide you through the enrollment process and answer any questions you have about starting your journey to recovery in a way that respects your daily commitments.

FAQs About Our Nighttime Outpatient Program

Twilight Recovery is designed for anyone seeking addiction treatment who cannot or prefers not to, attend daytime programs due to work, education, or other commitments.

Our program is equipped to handle a variety of substance use disorders, offering tailored treatment plans to meet individual needs.

The duration of the program is flexible and designed to meet the needs of each individual participant. Our team will work with you to determine the best length for your recovery journey.