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Instantly Check Your Rehab Insurance Coverage

At Safe and Sound Treatment, we accept most major insurance carriers. We also offer various additional payment options if you would like to pay for your addiction treatment services via credit card.

You can quickly and privately check your insurance benefits to see if you’re covered for our addiction treatment services (including medically assisted detoxification services). We’ll be able to tell you very quickly if your insurance provider is in-network with Safe and Sound Treatment.

Your Addiction Treatment May be FREE*

* Depending on your policy benefits, copay, and deductible — You may qualify for drug rehabilitation with NO out-of-pocket costs. 

We’ll be able to tell you if your provider is in-network with Safe and Sound Treatment. This means your treatment may be FREE depending on your policy coverage, copay, and deductible. If you’re looking for help for a loved one, please enter their insurance policy information — if you have it and if you have their consent. If not, please give us a call at (949) 763-5840. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the form on our contact page.

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We respect your privacy. By sharing your phone number, you agree to receive texts and or phone calls from us – including details about your benefits. Message and data rates may apply. Sharing this information is not a condition of treatment.

Safe and Sound Treatment will attempt to verify your health insurance benefits and/or necessary authorizations on your behalf. Please note, this is only a quote of benefits and/or authorization. We cannot guarantee payment or verification eligibility as conveyed by your health insurance provider will be accurate and complete. Payment of benefits are subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the member’s contract at time of service. Your health insurance company will only pay for services that it determines to be “reasonable and necessary.”

Safe and Sound Treatment will make every effort to have all services preauthorized by your health insurance company. If your health insurance company determines that a particular service is not reasonable and necessary, or that a particular service is not covered under your plan, your insurer will deny payment for that service and it will become your responsibility.

By filling out and submitting this form, you will instantly receive results confirming if your insurance provider is actively covering addiction related services and treatments or not. If your insurance is in network with Safe and Sound Treatment, then you will be notified directly by our admissions specialists.

You will be contacted by a Safe and Sound Treatment admissions specialist who will provide you with information to help you make an informed decision about your addiction treatment options. Our admissions staff members are available to answer any questions you may have as you consider whether treatment with Safe and Sound Treatment is right for you.

Depending on your insurance coverage and available insurance benefits, our admissions staff will provide you with the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about which treatment options at Safe and Sound Treatment will best fit your addiction treatment needs.

Yes. Most medical insurance providers cover drug & alcohol rehabilitation. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that insurance carriers treat mental health and addiction services as essential treatments. Each plan may vary in the amount of coverage offered. We can help you assess your plan’s coverage for rehab.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) specifies that insurance coverage for addiction treatment must be as comprehensive as any other medical treatment or procedure. The best way to find out benefits and programs your insurance plan covers is to give Safe & Sound Treatment a call with your insurance information ready.

Federal law mandates that insurance carries cannot deny coverage to anyone suffering from a chronic condition of any kind (including a substance use disorder). Insurance companies can apply limits to treatment coverage, but cannot limit who qualifies for treatment, under law defined in the Affordable Care Act.

Safe & Sound Treatment will gladly communicate with your insurance company in order to ensure that you or your loved one can access addiction treatment without having to pay a high price. Fill out the form provided on this page to find out! All information shared is kept safe and confidential.