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Safe & Sound Treatment Center in Costa Mesa is dedicating itself to providing quality mental and behavioral health care to those in the Orange County area.

Anxiety is among the most common mental health conditions that currently plague our communities. While it is common to feel occasional stress and anxiety, when they become a common occurrence that interferes with daily activities one should seek help.

Safe & Sound Treatment is here to help people overcome their fears, nervousness, and worries that trouble their everyday lives.

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

The American Psychiatric Association describes anxiety disorders as conditions that bring feelings of tension, worry, cloudy thoughts, and physical responses. They typically include reoccurring thoughts or concerns about certain situations, objects, or environments. And, they typically come with physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, trembling, twitching, sweating, or dizziness.

Anxiety is experienced differently by different people. How someone experiences their anxiety may classify their condition into any of the anxiety disorder subtypes.

Anxiety disorders can include:

The causes for any of the above anxiety conditions can vary greatly. They may arise from a single experience or many over time.

Some causes for anxiety can include:

These causes and symptoms should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid worsening one’s condition and perhaps leading to other related mental illnesses.

Treating Anxiety

Thankfully, anxiety disorders are treatable conditions that can be put into remission. A therapist and psychiatrist can help develop a treatment plan that is catered to one’s unique circumstances and symptoms.

At Safe & Sound Treatment in Costa Mesa, our professionals can create a customized plan for you or your loved one. Our treatment plans for anxiety will always include talk therapy and may include promoting lifestyle changes or medication if the client’s condition merits it.


Psychotherapy is the go-to approach for many mental illnesses, and anxiety is one of them. Most people are able to improve their symptoms of anxiety in just 8 to 10 sessions with anxiety-focused therapy.

There are many different approaches to therapy in regards to anxiety. Though, the most common approach to treating anxiety is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

CBT addresses negative patterns and distortions in the way we think about ourselves and the world around us. It helps people examine their negative thoughts and behaviors that contribute to one’s anxiety and then encourages the client to replace those habits with healthier ones.


Medications may be used in more severe cases of anxiety, and are typically prescribed as an as-needed or temporary treatment. These medications will not cure anxiety, but they may help a person manage their symptoms more effectively as they go through psychotherapy.

Benzodiazepines are the most commonly prescribed classes of medications used to treat anxiety. They can help ease physical symptoms and even calm one’s mind. When used with psychotherapy, they can help break the connection between one’s triggers and their anxiety.

However, these medications must be used in a proper manner, otherwise, they can lead to benzodiazepine addiction and worsening of one’s symptoms.

In other circumstances, antidepressants may be useful in treating anxiety. But unlike the near-instant relief that benzodiazepines give, antidepressants may take 4 to 6 weeks to work.

Costa Mesa Anxiety Treatment

Safe & Sound Treatment offers anxiety treatment to the residents of Orange County, CA. Our Behavioral Health Center in Costa Mesa is designed to be an inviting environment that is conducive to healing mind, body, and spirit. If you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety, please consider getting help from professionals with experience. Don’t delay the treatment process; talk to a mental health specialist today. Call 949-763-5840 to talk to an admissions specialist at Safe & Sound Treatment today.


Common treatments for anxiety include psychotherapy, particularly CBT, medication, stress management techniques, and lifestyle changes such as exercise and mindfulness practices.

Therapy, especially CBT, has been proven to be highly effective for treating various forms of anxiety, providing long-lasting skills to manage symptoms.

Yes, many individuals successfully manage or overcome anxiety through therapy, lifestyle changes, and other non-medication approaches. Medication may be recommended in some cases for more severe anxiety or when other treatments have not been effective.

The duration of anxiety treatment varies by individual, depending on the severity of their anxiety and how they respond to treatment. Some may see improvements in a few weeks, while others may need longer-term therapy.

Dissociation can be a symptom of anxiety, manifesting as a feeling of detachment from oneself or one’s surroundings. While it can serve as a coping mechanism for intense anxiety, persistent dissociation may indicate a deeper mental health issue. It’s important to seek professional help if dissociation or anxiety significantly affects daily life.