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Safe and Sound FAQs

What makes Safe and Sound unique?

What makes Safe and Sound unique is the family environment – we’re like a family here. We really care about each other, we care about the client and the staff. Our clients really get that one-on-one attention that they need in treatment to get to the underlying issues as to why they’re using, and why they’re struggling with addiction. 

A lot of places call themselves a family environment but here at Safe and Sound, that takes on a whole different meaning. Our clients can get completely immersed into a family environment while in treatment which ensures that there’s a camaraderie and rapport that goes all the way from our staff up to ownership, and that’s really special. With most other substance abuse programs, one might see the owner maybe once a week if they come out of their office – it’s very separated. Here at Safe and Sound, we have an open-door policy – anybody can talk to anybody at any time – we’re always there!

It’s a special place and you can feel the energy when you walk in the door.

What does a treatment plan look like?

General length of stay in a treatment program is 60-90 days for an Outpatient program. Usually our clients can get a little more than that because we do also have the Substance Abuse and Detox portion of the treatment prior to Outpatient. A treatment program includes goal setting, achievable and attainable progress. 

We love to see the shooting star clients that are shooting through the sky but that’s not realistic – a lot of people have a lot of things to work on. One thing we do really well here is progress reports – we make sure that our clients are aware that we notice the progres they’re making. Positive affirmation is everything. – and we try to bring that into what a client experiences on a day to day basis at Safe and Sound.

What does Safe and Sound offer?


The first level of care is Detox, where our clients stay for 7-10 days. This includes meeting with doctors, getting detox medication depending on what they are detoxing from, meeting with the nurse, relaxing while they are getting better, and feeling comfortable so they don’t go through withdrawal symptoms. Detox is more like getting their bearings back, getting their body right, and resting until they start to clear some of the cobwebs.


Our residential level of care is done outside of a hospital setting, where our clients start working with the therapists, and really getting to the underlying issues as to why they drink and use. They start getting into what a group schedule looks like, and what’s expected to take them through the residential phase so they are more prepared for the Outpatient program.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This is the most intensive form of day treatment that we offer. PHP treatment is scheduled for 6 hours a day, with a 30-minute lunch. This practically encompasses the whole day for our clients because there are a lot of clients who are still shaky after getting out of the residential phase, so we don’t want them to feel lost when there is a lot of empty time. So there is 6 hours of treatment and as soon as they are done with their treatment, there are a couple of hours of down time, however they are expected to make sure the common areas of the house are clean, that their room is clean, their bed is made, designed for living. 

Then we have several meetings we take our clients to throughout the week, to incorporate the camaraderie and community of recovery. So they don’t feel like the whole thing is just treatment. There’s also something that they’re adding to their personal life that they can take away from Safe and Sound, which is the continuation of building foundation and making themselves better.

What if I’ve tried treatment before and was not able to stay sober?

People come to us in a state of emergency. People come to us, beaten down by all different kinds of life’s challenges. The thing that changes it is when they realize that that doesn’t define them, that there can be a new start, that they can continue to like things about themselves, and that they discover more things that they like everyday. That’s the beautiful thing about treatment. 

We are a group of people who have no business being together, except for this purpose, which is to get better. Our clients make lifelong friends, sitting around a 12-chair circle, talking about their trauma or their fears. Treatment can show them that they are worthy of having those relationships. When they realize that they are actually worth something it makes you want to spread that message.

We want to reiterate to our clients that they’re not a failure – they didn’t fail – they might need just a little more help, a little bit more time and support. We’re here to support them, find out exactly what went wrong, and work on it.

It’s never too late to try, it’s never too late to start. We have a client who had never been in treatment before who is in his 60’s now and he’s making great progress. That’s what we love to see. People come into our program, ready to make things better, and we love seeing people who know that it’s possible, know that they’re capable, but just need guidance.