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Recover from Substance Abuse in Orange County, CA

Substance abuse refers to overindulgence or psychological and/or physical dependence on the addictive substances such as alcohol, heroin, or opioids. 

If you or your loved ones are suffering from substance abuse or addiction, you are not alone.

According to latest statistics:

  • More than 31.9 million Americans (12 years and up) have an active history of drug abuse. This corresponds to 11.2% of the American population 
  • 19.4% of the US population or about 53 million Americans aged 12 and up have reportedly abused prescription or illicit drugs in the past year 
  • About 60% of the US population is dependent on nicotine and alcohol which corresponds to 165 million Americans.
  • Drug overdose claimed over 700,000 lives in the US since 2000

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is complex and involves several components such as medications, individual and group support/ counseling, treatment of underlying mental health issues and holistic care to improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

There are various facilities that are specifically designed to treat substance abuse disorder with support and care. The treatment program for substance abuse usually falls into 2 categories i.e., inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. Both programs have different features. 

On the contrary, the outpatient programs are part time and are designed for patients who are on the path to recovery. The outpatient programs allow guests to keep on participating in daily routine activities, while still attending school or office on a regular basis during their treatment.

In-Patient Programs

The inpatient programs are designed for more intensive and hand-on management for patients who have strong physical and/or psychological dependence on alcohol and drugs. They are required to stay in a controlled facility to limit the access to drugs for thorough and intensive detox as well as behavioral treatment.

Medical Detox:

Medical detox involves cleansing the system of all the harmful, addictive chemicals to remove the physical dependence on the drugs/ alcohol. Medical detox is achieved by medications and therapeutic interventions to lessen the intensity of withdrawal effects. 

At Safe and Sound, the guests are treated under the supervision of a team of trained medical and behavioral health professionals. To facilitate the intensive treatment process and to ease out the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, guests are advised medications such as suboxone, which helps in relieving the discomfort and anxiety symptoms. 

The drug detoxification process generally takes around 5 to 7 days. The patients will require constant care from medical professionals to make the process as painless as possible.

Residential Treatment:

After detoxification of harmful substances from the body, the guests are encouraged to stay in a 24-hour fully supervised rehab facility for optimal rehabilitation in a supportive and caring environment. The goal of Residential Rehab program is to make sure the guest is healed emotionally and mentally by removing them from their everyday environment so they can focus on their mental and physical recovery.

As part of residential rehabilitation at Safe and Sound, our team of experts encourage residents to learn different tools to control the urge to engage in risky behavior. Residents also adopt healthy activities and routine to remain fit mentally and physically to fight the temptation to use again. Residents also learn coping methods and meditation techniques to function efficiently without drugs and alcohol.

Intensive In-Patient Program:

This program is recommended for guests who have a history of severe substance abuse disorder. 

At Safe and Sound, the guests enrolled in our intensive in-patient program are kept under 24-hour care of fully trained medical professionals and nursing staff to ease out the transition to a drug-free life. The Intensive In-patient program at Safe and Sound offers counseling, meditation, and group therapy.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient’s service is for those guests who are already being treated and wants to maintain their sobriety. This program doesn’t require the guests to remain in a rehab center for treatment, instead the guests can receive treatment during the day or on the weekends

Partial Hospitalization Program:

This type of treatment plan is specifically designed for the guests who want to receive treatment and therapies during the day or in the evening or weekend. 

There are different types of therapies and partial hospitalization programs at the Safe and Sound and are designed to cater to individual needs and requirements of our guests. As part of their programs, our guests learn coping techniques and skills. They also receive counseling and support from their peers or supervisors as part of group or individual therapy. 

The partial hospitalization/ outpatients program allows the patients to live their normal life and carry on their daily activities while maintaining their sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

This program is designed for individuals who require a strategic rehabilitation program but can only do it in a schedule of their choice. At Safe and Sound, we understand that every individual has different preferences, responsibilities, and obligations. That’s why our Intensive Outpatient program allows individuals to choose evening, daytime, or weekend programs to continue their treatment and beat their substance abuse disorder.

Why Choose Safe and Sound?

At Safe and Sound, our mission is to design customized substance abuse treatment programs to cater to the individual’s needs. No two individuals are the same and therefore a one size fits all approach doesn’t work in substance abuse treatment.

At Safe and Sound, we offer:

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