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Knowing how to detox from cocaine safely can mean the difference between a successful cocaine detox and a relapse. Some people attempt cocaine detox at home. However, they don’t realize the importance of undergoing a reputable cocaine detox program.

These people are more likely to relapse or have a more difficult time with the detox process. Some may not even realize there’s a better way.

Below, we discuss best detox for cocaine and how our medical team can help. We discuss following doctor’s recommendations, such as taking a cocaine detox drink or utilizing a cocaine detox kit. Continue reading if you want to learn how to detox from cocaine successfully.

How to Identify a Cocaine Addiction

Identifying a cocaine addiction is necessary before pursuing the best detox for cocaine. The main indications of cocaine addiction are behavioral changes, physical changes, and financial difficulty. Being aware of these symptoms can lead to detox, rehab, and successful recovery.

Behavioral Changes

When someone becomes addicted to cocaine, they exhibit behavior that’s different from their normal personality. While high on cocaine, they may become overly excitable, irritable, sensitive to stimuli (such as bright lights or sounds), and more.

You may also notice extreme changes in their mood or symptoms resembling mental health disorders. This can range from paranoia to depression to anxiety and more.

Physical Changes

Physical changes of a cocaine addict include dilated pupils, fever, a rapid heartbeat, loss of smell, and difficulty breathing. You may notice a change in their hygiene as well. These symptoms can worsen with long-term use.

Financial Difficulty

Cocaine is an expensive drug, which is why many addicts tend to have financial difficulty. They may also find it difficult to find and retain work given the symptoms of addiction.

What to Expect with Cocaine Withdrawal

Preparing for the process of cocaine withdrawal is important for successful treatment. Our treatment centers in Orange County — Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach — may provide an environment and the proper care to make the processes easier to manage.

Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal include:

How soon the withdrawal symptoms set in depend on the individual but can range from a few hours to a day. They also range in severity but increase over time.

The Process of Detoxing From Cocaine

It’s important to understand that how to detox from cocaine is not necessarily a linear process. By this, we mean that it doesn’t work the same way for everyone. There will likely be instances where a person has to go back a step a few times, and that’s ok.

We often get asked, “how long does it take to detox cocaine?” There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for this either, and it depends on the individual. As long as someone is committed to the process and works with their team at Safe and Sound Treatment, they will be well on their way to a successful detox.

1. Seek Treatment

While some may be tempted to try cocaine detox at home, the best detox for cocaine happens at a treatment facility. Undergoing a treatment like a medically assisted detox program provides access to needed resources like medical care and professional guidance.

The detox program starts with a medical assessment to individualize treatment and discuss any health conditions. Our team takes a thorough medical history as well as information regarding their cocaine use.

2. Discontinue Use

This step coincides with step 1 because cocaine detox can’t begin while cocaine use is ongoing. However, discontinuing depends on factors such as the amount and frequency of use, any health conditions, and more. This is something the medical team discusses to ensure a safe and successful cocaine detox.

3. Consider Privacy

When considering how to detox from cocaine, it’s also important to consider privacy. Detox is a difficult process, and the experience may not be something a patient wants to share with their friends and family.

Even if cocaine detox is something a patient chooses to do independently, it’s important to know they won’t be alone. They will have a safe and supportive environment during our program.

4. Fight Symptoms

The symptoms of cocaine detox are challenging, but overcoming them and staying focused on the outcome is an essential part of successful detox. Expect to experience symptoms such as intense cravings, headaches, nausea, and fever. Being prepared for the symptoms doesn’t make detox easier, but it helps with preparedness.

5. Comply with Doctor Recommendations

Whether it’s a cocaine detox kit or a cocaine detox drink, following the doctor’s recommendations are important for the process. Our medical team has the knowledge and experience needed during the most difficult part of the detox process. They know how to consider usage history, medical history, and more to ensure a safe detox process.

Medication may be prescribed to fight the detox symptoms and make the process less uncomfortable. While medication will not prevent or treat all symptoms, it does help ease some and allows patients to sleep better.

The symptoms of cocaine detox are difficult to predict, so having a medical team to consult with can make all the difference. This is another reason why we recommend against cocaine detox at home.

6. Be Prepared for Multiple Attempts

Even the best detox for cocaine may take a few attempts for success. As we said, everyone detoxes in their own way, and our procedures aren’t one-size-fits-all. Being prepared for this to take multiple attempts means setting up realistic expectations that help with achieving success.

7. Pursue Follow-Up Care and Rehabilitation

Once detox is complete, we recommend follow-up care and rehabilitation as the next steps in a patient’s recovery process. A patient must be fully detoxed to begin rehab, which is an essential step in recovery.

Cocaine detox follow-up may involve discussing medications as well as symptoms of detox. This will help determine how to proceed with additional treatments.

Detox from Cocaine in Costa Mesa & Huntington Beach

Knowing how to detox from cocaine safely is essential for a successful recovery and transition to rehab. Start by identifying cocaine addiction, then seek out the best detox for cocaine for optimal results.

Keep in mind; there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to questions like, “how long does it take to detox cocaine,” or “how quickly will withdrawal symptoms set in?” Cocaine detox is based on the individual, but we will help you through it.

Find comfort and community at our Huntington Beach sober living homes, and get your professionally licensed treatment at our Detox Center in Costa Mesa.

Call us today to talk with one of our admission specialists and see how Safe and Sound Treatment’s Detox Centers in Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach can help you with your cocaine detox.


Cocaine detox involves managing withdrawal symptoms that occur when a person stops using cocaine, providing medical and psychological support throughout the process.

The acute withdrawal phase can last from 1 to 3 weeks, but cravings and mood changes can persist for months.

Withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, increased appetite, depression, agitation, restless behavior, and vivid, unpleasant dreams.

While some individuals may manage detox on an outpatient basis, inpatient detox is recommended for those with severe addiction or co-occurring disorders to ensure safety and support.

Detox is the first step in treating cocaine addiction. Long-term treatment, including therapy and support groups, is necessary to address the underlying causes of addiction and promote lasting recovery.