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blue pills outside of pill bottle - blues drugs

What are Blues Drugs?

Blues Drugs Overview Blues drugs, also known as “blueberries,” “M30s,” or simply “blues,” are a type of illicit street drug that has gained notoriety for

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pink cocaine powder

What is Pink Cocaine?

In recent years, a novel substance known as “pink cocaine” has surfaced in the recreational drug market, attracting considerable attention from both users and regulatory

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man holding aching jaw - cocaine jaw

Understanding Cocaine Jaw

What is Cocaine Jaw? Cocaine jaw, clinically known as bruxism, involves the involuntary, repetitive clenching and grinding of the jaw. This condition is prevalent among

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man struggling with mood swings - Dealing with Mood Swings

Dealing with Mood Swings

Mood swings are rapid and often extreme fluctuations or shifts in one’s emotional state, characterized by a sudden shift from happiness to sadness or irritability.

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woman with alcohol addiction - habit vs addiction

Habit vs Addiction

In the complex realm of drug and substance use, distinguishing between a habit and an addiction is essential for understanding the nature of one’s relationship

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woman relapsing on alcohol - the relapse cycle

The Relapse Cycle

The path to overcoming drug addiction and substance abuse is one filled with numerous hurdles, and among these, the possibility of relapse stands out as

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PTSD treatment in Orange County, CA

Benefits of Aftercare

Long-term aftercare refers to the ongoing support and treatment provided to individuals who have completed a primary addiction or mental health treatment program. While completing

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Reduced Risk of Relapse

Safe and Sound Treatment believes in reducing the risk of relapse and improving long-term recovery are two significant benefits of getting sober. For individuals who

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Benefits of Rehab

Safe and Sound Treatment offers rehabilitation, commonly referred to as “rehab,” is a process of restoring someone’s physical, mental, and emotional health after a disease,

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drug rehab huntington beach doctor and man therapy session for drug addiction

Daily Routine in Rehab

Safe & Sound Treatment is a substance abuse treatment center located in Costa Mesa, CA that offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to recovery. The

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benzodiazepine detox

What to Bring to Rehab

Safe & Sound Treatment is a top-rated rehab facility located in Costa Mesa, CA that specializes in helping individuals overcome addiction and mental health issues.

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The Downward Spiral of Depression Safe & Sound Costa Mesa CA

The Downward Spiral: What it is & How to Reverse it

Spiraling into a deep depressive episode is common in individuals with depression. Once an individual goes through one depressive episode, they become more likely to go through another one. Depression is a common mental health disorder that affects 4.8% of US adults as of 2019.

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